10 thoughts on “If Only It Were True”

  1. I have no idea, but if my Birthday were at stake if I didn’t guess- I think she has a plan. High risk High reward type thing.

    I will let you know in 2034.

  2. Hard to guess, but after living life in a fishbowl, I expect being a private citizen again is probably a fairly attractive option. The long term detrimental effects that resignation has on her political career might not be that important to her at the moment.

  3. The cynic in me says maybe she has some kind of 2016 plan, based on the belief that the fix is already in for 2012.

  4. In my humble opinion, the best thing she could do for her country is stay home and fix her messed up family, raising good, productive citizens. The same advice would apply to Mrs. Clinton. This country needs good marriages, good families and good citizens far more than it needs another politician!

    1. Messed up family? What’s messed up about a husband who loves her, a baby, a son serving his country in Iraq, a daughter who made the very tough choice & who is living with it, and many more adorable children? And no family that produced Piper Palin can ever be considered messed up.

      If you consider a teenager having sex before marriage to be a sign that she needs to go fix a “messed up family” then just go bury your head in the sand because most families are damaged beyond repair in that case.

  5. I cannot bring myself to the impropriety of arguing with a lady, especially one whose opinions and positions on so many issues I dearly admire. I stand down on this one.
    Respectfully, Arnie.

  6. Nah, she bit the apple and will be back. She was just hamstrung being Alaska Governor and their weird rules.

    I suspect she will take until September and then start scheduling visits to the lower 48. Doing fundraisers and that type of stuff. Speechs, I hope she studies for. Whoever helped the GOP convention sppech should be hired becuase that was crisp and did not ramble.

    She does tend to do stream of conciousness a lot. This last speech,though I understood her fine, was somewat disjointed. She had a lot of reasons to get out.

    She didn’t say other by hint ” I’ll be back” and that she intends to be effective from outside government. I think she will. She is unique and unconventional. She thinks outside the box.

  7. I don’t see Sarah Palin as a conservative light in future political campaigns. Modern day conservatism is not much more than liberalism that supports current levels of socialized medicine, just not more. There isn’t much that Sarah Palin ever advocated for that anybody can pin down (nothing I have noticed at least).

    SarahPac.com trumpets “Health care, education, and reform of government are among our key goals.” which could as well be Barack Obama’s position.

  8. Low pay (unless you are as corrupt as a Chris Dodd), loss of privacy, hate directed at you through the media… Why would a proper conservative who despises political power ever want one of these jobs?

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