Test Smoke

I’ve got a couple of chicken breasts on the smoker.  I mostly just want to see if I can control the temperature of the smoker with the modifications I made.  All the symptoms from the ribs last weekend pointed to too high a temperature.  I went to Home Depot today, and made some modifications to the firebox to be able to control air intake and to elevate the coals off the bottom of the box to improve airflow around the fire.  Bought a grill thermometer that reads something more than “Warm/Ideal/Hot” so I could check actual temperature.  Turns out “Ideal” is somewhere around 300 degrees.  That’s great for baking, but not for BBQ.  Looks like with the air intake mods, I can control temperature, and get the fire down to 225 degrees.  This is the Minion Method of BBQ, and I think that’s what I’m stuck using as long as I’m using a bullet type smoker.

One thought on “Test Smoke”

  1. When I saw the ‘minion method’, I assumed it involved having a minion to add charcoal for you.

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