I Have Seen the Promise Land

Bitter and I went to the Wegman’s Supermarket in Warrington, which is now selling beer for takeout.  Selection is decent by Pennsylvania standards.  I managed to pick up some Victory Golden Money, and Newcastle Brown Ale. You won’t find any real boutique brews, but certainly better than your average takeout fare.

Wegman’s has a typical supermarket food court, and it would seem they got a license to sell alcohol for on premise consumption, which allows them to sell take out beer.  No doubt this will infuriate the MBDAPA.  Wegmans gets around the Sheetz case by allowing you to actually drink your beer in their cafeteria.  This Friday Bitter taked to our State Representative, who didn’t see much of a constituency for getting rid of our ridiculous beer laws.

Here’s hoping that Wegmans might make a chink in the armor of the MBDAPA, and we’ll be able to look forward to more beer in supermarkets in Pennsylvania.

7 thoughts on “I Have Seen the Promise Land”

  1. Argh! I have a love-hate relationship with Wegman’s, which I’ve chronicled several times. I’d probably buy beer there if I drank, just because the state laws are so insane, but I’d rather be able to buy beer at Sheetz, so I wouldn’t have to put up with the latte liberals at Wegman’s.

  2. The Downingtown Wegman’s just got the OK to sell beer, which makes me happy — but as RightWingProf pointed out, dealing with the idjits at Wegman’s can be a headache.

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