Arizona Restaurant Carry Passes

Just got word that it passed the Senate 18-10-2.   NRA informs us that Senator Jack Harper voted against his own bill in order to save it from being killed, which allowed it to be brought back up for consideration today.  Sorry I didn’t mention that before, but I don’t follow Arizona politics that closely.

UPDATE: Arizona Rifleman has the vote breakdown.

5 thoughts on “Arizona Restaurant Carry Passes”

  1. Thanks to Harper to being quick on his feet.

    I don’t understand AZ politics either, but I am glad it passed.

    One more State down.

  2. It passed in the Senate, it still has to go to a vote in the House. Still, it’s a major hurdle. I expect the Governor to sign it once it leaves the House.

  3. Much better than failing to gain sufficient majority at 15-13 which it would have been without that changed vote yesterday.

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