Two Men Want to Tell Women What to Think on Guns

I had to check out this video of two male Wall Street Journal reporters talking about how Smith & Wesson will need to go back to the drawing board on their new marketing efforts because those efforts included outreach to female NRA members.

The logic here astounds me. Their assumption that Smith & Wesson will need to give up their women’s advertising is based on the idea that women who are already involved in the gun culture enough to join NRA and follow NRA’s Women’s Network channels will suddenly no longer be interested in guns.

But, then they show a picture of a man browsing Smith & Wesson products and say that those core customers probably haven’t changed their attitudes. I guess we women can’t be relied upon, we’re too flakey or wishy washy. These two apparently think that we’re simply not as principled as men. *ahem*

Boys at the WSJ, let me give you a little lecture on females with strong views rooted in constitutional principles and concern for self-defense and that of our homes. We’re dedicated. We’re the biggest advocates and loudest supporters of efforts like the Friends of NRA to raise money for advancing the Second Amendment through safety programs and legal programs. We’re the ones who, when we get involved, bring the entire family along with us. I see more women – even those who aren’t NRA members – share images promoting the Second Amendment on Facebook than I see from men. When we come on board to the cause, we’re vocal. We don’t sit back and listen to men tell us what they think we “should want” to hear. We’ll make up our own minds about messages that resonate with us.

3 thoughts on “Two Men Want to Tell Women What to Think on Guns”

  1. Wow. I really wanted that sandwich..
    Seriously, though, I love you style, and thank you.
    I have two daughters and three granddaughters, who all have been taught to stand for themselves. Shoot. Fish. Hunt. Cook. Swing a hammer. Etc… I get a kick out of throwing that out to the “he man” types who think women are to stay at home, cook, and have babies. These guys don’t want to understand that without strong, self reliant women, this world would have gone off the cliff the week after Eden.

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