New Jersey GOP Primary Underway

Polls are open in the Garden State.   As Jim Geraghty point out, if you’re not affiliated with any party, you can register with the GOP and vote today.  I don’t have a dog in this fight.  You can count me in the ABC (Anybody But Corzine) camp.  If polling is to be believed, Chris Christie has to best chance of defeating the incumbent governor.

5 thoughts on “New Jersey GOP Primary Underway”

  1. If Chris Christie wins this primary, and then beats Jon Corzine this November, don’t expect any positive changes to happen with New Jersey’s gun laws. The guy is not a second amendment advocate by any means.

    Steve Lonegan is the only candidate who will take a stand to reform all of these ridiculous and unconstitutional gun laws we have here in New Jersey, like the way that kid’s BB guns are considered to be “firearms,” .22 rifles with 17-round tubular magazines are considered to be “assault weapons,” and concealed carry permits for average and lawful residents of the Garden State are considered to be “pipe dreams.”

    1. No kidding, Cemetery. Plus, I know that Lonegan has been campaigning on the argument that he’ll enact concealed carry, but he doesn’t have that power. Somehow Steve is forgetting about that pesky thing called the Legislature.

  2. I’m gonna go vote for Lonegan. If Christie wins this round, he’ll certainly have my vote in November.

  3. I just got back from the polls. I voted for Steve Lonegan. I saw a few other voters there, too, so to me the turnout didn’t look all that “low” as some were saying it was supposed to be.

    Bitter:state governors usually have enough pull to get legislation introduced for debate by the lawmakers, even in New Jersey. This is why I want to see Steve Lonegan as the next governor – unlike Chris Christie, he’s not some “moderate” Republican who thinks that some more “sensible” gun control laws are what New Jersey needs.

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