Testing the Waters?

Clayton Cramer looks at some polling questions and ponders whether the Obama administration is testing the waters to decide on his agenda.  Count me among the readers who thinks that it’s Republican push polling.  Democrats would never ask a question like this:

Do you agree with Barack Obama’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, where gun control is permissible, or do you think the Second Amendment is an absolute individual right that shall not be infringed?

Zogby has done polling like this before.  I think this is either the GOP, or probably more likely a Republican associated interest group trying to figure out how to frame their opposition to Obama.  One thing I would say though is, can we lay off the constitutional amendment crap?  It’s really hard to do, and we ought not be altering our constitution to deal with the political battles du jour.  Why don’t they ask that polling question?

One Response to “Testing the Waters?”

  1. LibertyNews says:

    That was my thought as well. I can’t imagine a anti-gun democrat coming up with questions like that.