New Shooter

Mike W. manages to take his mom shooting.

2 Responses to “New Shooter”

  1. Rwilson452 says:

    Great shooting for a first timer. I’m glad she FUN!. Yep your going to loose that gun unless you buy her one.

  2. JamesLee says:

    I know how he feels! The wonderful woman I married was never around firearms in her life, and seemed a bit worried that I liked them and had them.

    The first time we went out it was with my Dad to the river bottom to try to hit a few cans with a .22 pistol. Of course, Dad forgot the magazine, so we had to single-shot it, but she still had fun with it.

    A few years and a few guns later, I come home to find the Anniversary present that she just bought “for both of us:” A brand new Ruger Charger. While we discovered a rifle scope is NOT the proper optics for a Charger, after dialing it in, she was hitting pretty good at 50 meters. And then went through a couple of boxes of 38 Sp. trying to work on not flinching with a D Frame, this after being worried about how much it might kick. And she also loves the 870 on the trap range.

    I’m sure it’s true for many activities, but it’s alway great to see someone genuinely enjoy an activity they either didn’t like and/or understand. Actually, I can’t recall off the top of my head knowing or hearing about anyone who resisted guns, then once having gone to the range with one, not had a good time with it.