Notice What’s Missing?

The President is speaking about signing the Credit Card Bill that’s on his desk this morning.   Here’s the excerpt from the speech:

And later this afternoon, I’ll sign bipartisan legislation that protects consumers from the unfair rate hikes and abusive fees levied by many credit card companies.

This is, by his past record, the most anti-gun president in our nation’s history.  Will the Bradys even get a signing statement out of him?   An acknowledgment that there’s at least something in this bill that doesn’t meet with his approval?

This might be a two bottle three day weekend for the Brady folks if his statement here is any indication of what he might say when he signs it.  Because as someone in the comments over at SayUncle pointed out, the Brady’s would have been better off if they had just left the existing rule alone.  Now it’s legislation, and more liberal than the original rule.  That’s much harder to undo.

4 Responses to “Notice What’s Missing?”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Any chance of signing legislation that protects citizens from the unfair rate hikes and abusive taxes levied by our government?

    At least with the credit card companies, I have a choice whether to sign onto the fees.

  2. scott says:

    I remain astounded that we haven’t seen a raft of anti-gun legislation out of Congress happily signed by Obama already.

    Perhaps the Democrats (Congressional anyway) really have learned their lesson. Few of them anyway are matching the anti-gun rhetoric of the administration.

    Still, I don’t think we can relax, because just like a cancer, the malignancy is still their and given the chance (as Feinstein indicated recently) it will come roaring back.

    A humorous thought I had though is maybe this is all a ploy by them to bankrupt us pro-gun folks. I mean, we can’t really keep buying arms and ammo at this rate forever can we :)

  3. AntiCitizenOne says:

    yeah…save some ammo for the rest of us…

  4. Jdude says:

    1) Every time the anti gunners stand up, they get kicked square in the jollies. That makes me very happy.

    2)Maybe the President’s secret plan is to stimulate the economy through the manufacturers, such as firearms manufacturers, because they actually produce something. Then, every time gun sales start to subside, they have a believable person go up there and mention another gun ban to keep the economy running.

    With that in mind: Dear Mr. Obama, please direct the democrats to repeal the hughes amendment and the NFA. There is a ’60 with my name on it out there, just waiting for the price to drop. Do you really want all that money in my bank account doing nothing, instead of out there stimulating the economy? ;)