You Never Know …

when you might be the one who didn’t have fish for dinner.   The two products I absolutely must have is this joystick, and these rudder pedals.

5 Responses to “You Never Know …”

  1. J T Bolt says:

    For which flight sim?

  2. Orygunner says:

    My first PC joystick was a CH Flightstick back in ’92. Before that I used Atari-type joysticks on my C-64 and Amiga. I was amazed such a beautiful thing as the CH Flightstick existed! The action on these has to be felt to be believed, I just can’t describe it. If you’ve never used a CH stick before, give it a try!

  3. Tam says:

    I still have my old USB Thrustmaster upstairs someplace. The CH Products units just felt so light and non-self-centering compared to the old Thrustmasters (before the name got bought by whoever back in ’99…)

  4. Sebastian says:

    Flight sim is X-Plane

    I used to have a thrustmaster too. Don’t know if the brand is still any good to be honest. I’m also looking at Saitek joysticks.

  5. Ian Argent says:

    When I was playing around with a serious flight sim I generally didn’t feel the need for pedals; if you want to change direction in an F-16 you bank and yank. (Falcon 3; I have one of the descentants of that game around here someplace but haven’t installed it). I miss my thrustmaster HOTAS ca. 1993 (Game port on the Soundblaster FTW)