Least Friendly States for Motorists

New Jersey tops the list.  I have a new saying for talking about New Jersey, thanks to Kevin: If New Jersey fell off into the ocean, I wouldn’t fish there.

11 Responses to “Least Friendly States for Motorists”

  1. Tam says:

    Wow, if you edge out Ohio, that’s saying something…

    …and it ain’t something good, either. :o

  2. falnfenix says:

    oh Maryland, how i hate you more and more every day… (yeah, we’re #3 on that list…)

    i DO wonder, though, how MD is worse than Virginia, where residents can and frequently do get an overnight stay in lockup for excessive speeding.

  3. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    The National Highway & Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has ranked New Jersey drivers as being the worst in this country. I think that was the main reason GEICO wouldn’t provide insurance there for the longest time.

  4. The first thing I learned after moving here was that nobody from NJ should ever be allowed to drive.

  5. Dannytheman says:

    Pennsylvania is completely surrounded except for that sliver of West Virginia! Only one way out…

    God bless Pennsyltucky!!

  6. Jeremy says:

    Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that my home state, NJ, is worse to drive in than the DC beltway? I grew up driving in NJ and I HATE the beltway.

    You ever stop to wonder that the reason it is so terrible to drive in NJ is that PA and NY drivers routinely act like asshats while in my fine state? I thought I just read something that the worst drivers in the country were in NY? I guess if you can make it as a driver in NJ you can make it anywhere! Long live the jug handle!

  7. N.U.G.U.N. says:

    The Armpit of America….New Jersey.

  8. Ian Argent says:

    That list appears to be a list of states that are .gov unfriendly. Having learnt to drive in NoVA and since moved up to NJ, I have to say there’s no contest: the NoVA semi-domesticated highway turkey is a LOT worse than the Joisey variety. I’ve had to relearn the use of a turn signal up here (in NoVA its use is to indicate that you just cut someone off and want to rub it in). Generally speaking the drivers around here treat the lines as a BIT more than guidelines, and as far as I know there’s nothing in NJ to match the sheer bloodymindedness of the i-95/I-395 interchange in Springfield (which VADOT has had a 10-year plan to make even MORE confusing for out-of-staters).

    I still cherish (hah) my memory of my second day in behind-the-wheel training, in a stickshift pontiac, with the nose pointed down the ramp onto I-66 WB in Annandale, at 5 pm in the afternoon….

    OTOH, you won’t find a DMV in NJ in a mall, much less one that keeps mall hours.

  9. Rustmeister says:

    Yeah, I thought Ohio would be #1, too. They’ve been a bane to truckers since I can remember (the early ’70’s).

  10. PN NJ says:

    I wonder how much of the study is based on interstate highways, which obviously include many out-of-state drivers. Like hotel taxes, it’s a way to generate revenues from non-residents who can’t vote. NJ obviously has a lot of traffic from people (and truckers) traveling along the Eastern Seaboard.

    I can think of lots of metropolitan areas outside NJ where the drivers are much worse (eg, Boston).

  11. Motor-T says:

    New Jersey: Live free or here.