First Impressions of Phoenix

I’ve only been here a few hours, but so far:

  • It’s friggin hot, but it’s not uncomfortable.  Of course, it hasn’t topped 100 yet, which it’s supposed to.
  • It’s a dry heat.  I’ll take 90 here over 80 degrees and humid like I get at home any day of the week.
  • Cactus!  There’s cactus!  I am a big fan of cactus.  I’m having to resist being all touristy and taking pictures of cacti.
  • Few people here would seem to have a need for a lawnmower.
  • I really want to spend some time in the desert, but I don’t think I’ll have time.

10 Responses to “First Impressions of Phoenix”

  1. Was sweating my ass off in Phoenix this past February. When I took my hat off, I was like someone dumped a bucket of water over my head.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Robert says:

    Was just out there a couple of weeks ago. I’ll take the mountains of North Carolina, thanks.

  3. Linoge says:

    The desert is awesome… even after living a year in Kalifornistan and taking biking trips into the hinterlands whenever I could (and burning the unholy bejesus out of myself), I still want to go somewhere (preferrably not Kalifornistan) and poke around some more sandy regions… Just an awesome geography, and completely different from what I lived in for most of my life.

    Something tells me it could get old after a while, though.

  4. Jason Smith says:

    You should go check out the Desert Botanical Garden in Papago Park. It’s awesome!

  5. Shawn says:

    Ah, yes. The people whose yards is pretty much decomposed granite. You can get away with that here since you have to re-seed your lawn for winter and summer every year. Wear a hat, a boonie would be better because your either going to get burned on your face or back of the neck if your out for more than 30 minutes. And sunglasses are a must. The worst time to be outside is around 4pm. We have gotten past 110 several times before here. I would also say to check out Ben Avery if your here. Pretty big place. You could also, if you have the time check out Tonto forest. Your allowed to plink in most of it, save three spots as long as you pick up your crap when your done.

  6. Sir Limerick says:

    If you have a spare hour or two, I recommend hiking a little on either Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak (in the Phoenix Mountains Park). Both give some nice desert mountain scenery and are only a few minute’s drive from downtown Phoenix.

    I agree with Jason Smith, the Desert Botanical Garden is great too.

  7. I love Arizona. My idea of an ideal place to live, due partly to the climate. And I don’t know about down where you live, but up here, I laugh when the locals complain about “humidity,” because they don’t have a clue what humidity is. They need to spend a summer in the midwest or the south.

  8. teke175 says:

    I am from New Orleans and Now live in Houston. I agree 80 with humidity is horiible compared to AZ 90. But I lived in Phoenix for 2 years. Summer get mizeralbe 115 regardless of humidity you are cooking. it’s 90 deg at 10:00 at night. Spring fall and winter are nice if you wnat to call them that.

    The Golf is great and so is the mountain biking. I really miss South Mountain. If you get a chance and enjoy biking. Go ride it. It is a great experience But not fo the faint of heart.

    I suggest a drive up South Mountain. Great desert scenery. Great view of the city as well from the look out point at the top. It is on the south side of downtown.

  9. mac says:

    The dry heat is nice. Monsoon season starts in July and goes through August. That’s when the humidity kicks in. It isn’t the 90% that you get in Texas, but the heat doesn’t let up.

    Rock in the front yard, grass in the back. I avoid using the mower more than a dozen times a year.

    We’ve lived here seven years, and we still take pictures of cacti. Warning, do not touch the Cholla. Those are the cacti that look fuzzy and cute. That’s not fuzz, and you’d better have a good pair of splinter tweezers if you try to cuddle them.

    Enjoy the Valley of the Sun!

  10. Jdude says:

    What the hell is a lawn mower? ;)