Continuing a Tradition

There always seems to be some kind of pro-gun activity going on in the state the NRA Annual Meeting happens in around the time it’s going on.  The House in Arizona has passed a Parking Lot Bill.  Sadly they had to pick a bill to support NRA on that I don’t agree with.

4 Responses to “Continuing a Tradition”

  1. Arnie says:

    Just curious. With what in the bill do you disagree?

  2. R. Franz says:

    Actually, thanks the feverish and near miraculous efforts of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AZCDL) there is for the most part ALWAYS pro-gun rights legislative activity going on in the state of Arizona. It passed out of the house rather quickly, and that may have something to do with NRA week, but before that, it (and a good number of other bills) had been pushed for months in the senate by AZCDL.

    This session has been incredibly snarky with the state budget as large of a complete failure as it has been, and alot of very good bills have been completely ignored in favor of only focusing on budget related bills. In may there was quite a bit of talk about exhausted legislators ending session early, after settling the budget, without hearing any non budget bills. Thanks to a letter writing campaign started by AZCDL, this did not happen, and the passage of this bill, the first non budget bill, if im not mistaken, is a clear sign of the effectiveness of the AZCDL, even if it isnt the most important of bills.

    Every year they request Several bills to be introduced, and a decent number of them are, they then support those bills very well, in addition to taking pro-rights positions on a number of other bills, work very hard, and have a great success rate. They have had pro-rights bills they have requested introduced in every session since they formed, a claim i dont think any other pro-rights organization can claim.

    They will be at the NRA convention if you want to talk to any of them, of course, you will have to just spot the t-shirts while you are walking around because the NRA labels them as an Unaffiliated “political organization” and wouldn’t allow them any exhibitor space.

  3. Roberta X says:

    The only part of that bill I don’t like are the exceptions.

    …What I keep locked in my car is not my employer’s responsibility nor should it be any of their business.

  4. R. Franz says:

    A friend of mine also isnt really happy about the exceptions to the law. He works at a nuclear power plant, and is required to be helpless both the drive to and from work, but also the walk from his car to his rural home in the dark.

    But, he agreed that some advancement of rights is better than none.