Rendell Bucks 13th Amendment

The Governor’s predations against the Second Amendment have been well documented here, but we never really expected the Governor to come out against the thirteenth amendment:

Gov. Rendell is notifying nearly 80,000 state workers today by email that they will stop being paid in the event of a budget impasse — but should continue showing up to work.

Perhaps I should start getting the guest room straightened out, and affixing locks to the liquor cabinet in anticipation of what is no doubt coming next.

Hat Tip to Capitol Ideas

4 Responses to “Rendell Bucks 13th Amendment”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Geez. At least the feds let you off the hook for work if they shut down.

  2. JKB says:

    An interesting take the governor has since every hour worked is an obligation that must be paid…eventually. In the federal government, the reason the non-essential employees are sent home is the executive branch doesn’t have the legal authority to make obligations in the absence of a law authorizing such obligations. With no budget law or continuing resolution, the authorized obligations are severely limited.

    Does the governor know that he can be held personally responsible for all obligations he makes outside what is lawfully authorized?

  3. Matt Groom says:

    What does this boob think he’s gonna do if they don’t show up for work? Fire them? Then they’ll at least be able to collect unemployment, won’t they? This is how governments collapse.

  4. comatus says:

    I don’t think it’s bloody likely Our Masters will be quartering any troops amongst the populace these days. Some sharing of ideas would go on, of a kind unpropitious for the continuance of certain key programs. If I were them, I’d keep the people and its armies as far apart as possible.