Guns in New Jersey

Via Cemetery, we find this video by the Star-Ledger staff on rising gun sales. You could find a lot to like and dislike about this particular New Jersey gun shop (did the owner really have to post a comic showing a woman about to shoot herself or say that women find shooting more gratifying than sex while laughing?), perhaps the most newsworthy bit is that he clearly has ammunition in stock based on the b-roll footage.

Ledger Live: Guns and religion

Is anyone willing to risk a trip into Jersey to liberate that ammo?

12 Responses to “Guns in New Jersey”

  1. Yup, nicely stocked ammo shelves, and thankfully, only NJ residents with a NJ FID card can buy ammo, at times like this I agreed with NJ Gun Laws…….lol……

  2. irish red says:

    I’ve never been asked for my NJ FID to buy ammo. Only a Driver’s License if it’s pistol ammo.

  3. Jdude says:

    I am on the other side of the country, but for some ammo… I am considering the drive. ;)

  4. NJSoldier says:

    If the local places don’t get some stock, I might take the ride to the Bullethole – Google says it’s about 35 minutes from work.

    Sarco had .40 but no .22 last week.

  5. countertop says:

    My brother shoots there. Just asked him to pick me up all the .45 he can

  6. Ian Argent says:

    Dammit, I was hoping no-one would notice.

    BTW, the range @ Bullethole is ok, too

  7. Bitter says:

    Do you think this thread makes Bryan Miller cry?

  8. Ian Argent says:

    One can only hope

  9. Bitter:

    He’d be his typical jerk self and blow it off, saying that it’s all just repeat purchasers.

    I wonder if there’s a way to look into how many first timers have been applying over the past few months……

  10. countertop says:


    Just talked to the bro. He was there yesterday. Said there is a 1 box per person limit, unless you are shooting it on the range there.

    Indicated that generally, he doesn’t have any popular calibers, that what you see is largely shotgun ammo, rifle hunting ammo and less popular calibers (45 Colt, 10 milimeter, etc). Said there was no 45 acp, 9mm, or .223.

  11. vinnie says:

    “or say that women find shooting more gratifying than sex while laughing?”

    That would have to depend on actual penetration results wouldn’t it?

    Sorry, Sometimes I cant help myself.

  12. Sgt.Fathead says:

    Good grief! I know the bearded gent, Steve Elber. So strange to have seen him here. Yes, we get the short end of the stick,or stock, here in NJ. It does seem that the Bullet Hole has ammo but what must he be charging?

    I always stuck to and continue to stick to this simple motto, “Buy Cheap, Stack Deep!” but really, there’s no such thing as enough or too much.