Freedom Fail 2009

So today was supposed to be a Freedom Fest 2009 event at Shady Brook Farms here locally.  We were going to head there to set up a table for NRA, but when we got there, it looks like any given Saturday at Shady Brook, with people buying plants, perennials, and various other things for the garden.

Took a look around their store, bought some jams and jellies, went and looked around some more.  No Freedom Fest to be found.  What about the invited speakers?  Was it moved?  Was it in the back?  If it was there and I missed it, there were no signs out or directions.

3 Responses to “Freedom Fail 2009”

  1. Mopar says:

    Don Petrille at XXX-XXX-XXXX seems to be the guy posting it everywhere, and he and Andy Raffle @ XXX-XXX-XXXX are listed as the contacts.
    Maybe a WTF phone call is in order (or should have been around 1pm?)?

    [Sorry, I don’t want to post folks’ phone numbers on a public forum.]

  2. Mopar says:

    [Sorry, I don’t want to post folks’ phone numbers on a public forum.]
    Normally I wouldn’t either. However those numbers were posted in a multitude of public forums expressly as contact numbers regarding “Freedom Fest”. Since those people have already plastered their numbers online to contact them regarding the event, I didn’t see any harm in posting them one more time.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Ah… I didn’t realize that.