3 thoughts on “Germany to Ban Laser Tag & Paintball”

  1. That’s a great idea. Instead of letting kids get their hostilities out with a fun, safe activity that is also good exercise, let’s just let them seethe. They’ll sit at home playing video games where you don’t actually feel any pain when you get shot and the consequences will become less and less real. I don’t think there’s any evidence that even one mass shooter has been a paintballer, or that they played Laser Tag. Turning guns into forbidden fruit does not decrease their appeal, you bunch of wussy Krauts!

  2. Germany is hopeless; The Austrians, on the other hand, have a pretty feisty national gun rights group, IWOE, and this story will no doubt have them doing a mega facepalm. Their last magazine analyzed active shooter scenarios (Amokläufer in German) and ended up echoing the findings of John Lott and David Koppel. It’s refreshing to read IWOE publications, so rare to read a pro-gun rights voice in German.

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