What About Our Loopholes?

The other side is always complaining about “loopholes” in the law that are to us known by the moniker “liberty.”  Now it looks like Senator Enzi and Barrasso of Wyoming are both sponsoring a bill to close the National Park loophole.   Two can play at this game!

One Response to “What About Our Loopholes?”

  1. Matthew Carberry says:

    Only Vermont and Alaska currently allow permitless concealed carry, but I would hope that is the next wave in loosening carry restrictions in “shall-issue” states. In any event many states allow for permitless open carry right now.

    Therefore, when pro-gun Congressmen are adjusting Federal laws concerning carry (Nat’l. Parks, Gun Free School Zone Act) they need to think forward and drop the “permit” language entirely.

    The wording should be “to permit carry as ALLOWED by the state within which… etc.) or something similar. If we set the bar at “permits required” we are limiting future expansion of permitless carry for law-abiding folks. We’d be permitless on state land but have to “permit up” to do the Federal thing. Given that most folks on the other side of the issue assume permits are required in any event, it’s unlikely they’d pick up on the distinction.

    If they do catch it, hey, didn’t the current administration say states and cities should be free to determine their own rules?