Air Rifle Bleg

PapaDeltaBravo is thinking of getting into air gun shooting and is looking to buy an air rifle.  I know some of my readers know a lot of about air guns, and I’m sure he’d appreciate any advice.

3 Responses to “Air Rifle Bleg”

  1. USCitizen says:

    Have him tak a look at the RWS/Diana line.

    Same hole accuracy with mine at 1000 fps with .177.

    Pricey, little buggers tho’.

  2. HerrBGone says:

    For a good bit smaller capital investment a vintage Sheridan Blue Streak in .20cal (5mm) is a fine rifle. And they provide a good workout too! With a set of inter-mounts and a long eye relief scope they are more than a match for small to medium sized varmints – so I’m told. They are still made to this day, though I like my old ones better than the new. Oh, and being a multi-pump pneumatic you wont run up against the recently proposed EPA regulations that want to tightly control CO2.

  3. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    The guy wants a sub-$200 .22 cal. break-barrel air rifle so he can mount a Beeman Sport Aperture Sight on it. I sent him 3 links to Beemans and one to an RWS 350 Magnum knock-off called the Xisico BAM-28. All 4 rifles are under $200. I’ve shot the BAM-28 and it has more punch than my RWS 350 Magnum in .22 and almost as accurate.