Schumer, Gillibrand Want Records

Oh how wrong I turned out to be about Kirsten Gillibrand.  The New York Daily News even notes the flip flopping.  Gillibrand and Schumer want to keep the NICS records for ninety days again, much like they were under Clinton.  This goes to show there are no principles in politics, only interests.  The anti-gun folks downstate managed to threaten her enough to make her think changing positions was the politically smart move.  She very well might be correct in that.  When you boil it down, politicians care about keeping their seats.  Your influence over them comes down to hard political calulations, and if Second Amendment advocates don’t have anything to offer, under the bus they will go.

So Republicans in New York State: you know what to do.  I’d take even Giuliani over this.  At least I know the devil I’m getting with him.  With Gillibrand, it seems we’ll have to keep watching behind us for the knife.

9 thoughts on “Schumer, Gillibrand Want Records”

  1. I don’t know why we’re so worked up about this. We all know that the gov’t was, and still is, keeping records permanently in spite of all laws against it.

  2. We were all pretty much taken in, Sebastian.

    It’s their M.O. – offer up one image, then as soon as they’re in office, the true face comes out.

    (And yes, this applies JUST as readily to Republicans, too – some of them even had the temerity to run as – wait for it – conservatives…)

  3. What made you skeptical? She had a good record. Is it just that we can’t have any pro-gun people in New York? It wasn’t too long ago Al Damato was Senator from New York.

  4. Yeah but we all know the FBI keeps those records indefinetley anyway. What hes the law ever stopped a federal organization? They may have to destroy the original records within a day but what’s stoppoing them from making a photocopy or entering the name into some computer database. You really think when they inevitably get to forceful total citizen disarment that they wouldn’t keep a list making it oh so much easier?

  5. I’ll tell you why I was skeptical, Sebastian:

    1. She’s a politician
    2. She was running for a Senate seat in New York
    3. She’ a politician from New York

    As a Floridian, I’ve been around New Yorkers my whole life. Every 5th car I pass on the road has NY plates. Seriously. They generally are not the most pro-gun people, nor do they feel any strong ties to the Constitution. I’ve never cited a section of the constitution to a New Yorker and gotten anything by an eye roll.

    They think that New York City is the epitome of American culture, and all that occurs outside of “The City” is a perversion of what is essentially the real America in their minds, and it’s actually gotten worse since 9/11.

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