On Today’s Agenda

  • Bitter is baking some apple coffee cake
  • I have a strange desire to make home made soft pretzels.
  • I should really think about loading up some .44 Special for the IHMSA match next Sunday.  Field pistol with a .44 is tough.  The most I’ve been able to hit is 13 animals.  Most competitors in field pistol seem to prefer the .22 Hornet.
  • Next Saturday is also the next practical rifle match at Langhorne. Last time was murder on my knees having to drop from offhand standing to kneeling to prone repeatedly.  But I don’t know the course of fire.  I could use some .223 loaded up for that if I’m going to go.  If it’s 50 yards or under, the Wolf .223 I’ve been wanting to get rid of, which is crap for anything long range, is fine.
  • Finish watching Season 3 of The Office

2 thoughts on “On Today’s Agenda”

  1. Now that apple coffee cake sounds like something you should be bringing along to the 3rd monday night Air Pistol match.

  2. I’ve made those soft pretzels. And they rock the house. Light touch with the egg wash, or they will turn green.

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