We’ll Remember

Add John Patrick Williams, former Congressman from Montana, to the list of Democrats who are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes:

The bad news? Groups such as the NRA have been hoodwinking you about that very issue — wastefully spending your hard-earned dues money on politics, and useless protesting by having people like Charlton Heston give that phony “pry it from my cold dead fingers” speech. A case in point is the recently publicized rush by some gun owners to “stock up” on assault weapons before they are banned by the NRA’s latest boogey man, Barack Obama.

The urge to blame President-elect Obama is a transparent example of how utterly partisan the gun groups and far too many of their adherents have become.

Pat, you might want to ask Barack Obama why renewing the assault weapons ban is still part of his platform before you start accusing NRA members of being paranoid of the boogey man.  We’re going to remember all these Democrats who falsely assured us that Obama is a man of the Second Amendment when 2010 rolls around.

4 thoughts on “We’ll Remember”

  1. Well Congressman Williams, tell Obama to put his money where his mouth is.

    If he so supports the 2nd Amendment as he tells us, then he can put it all to rest quite simply.

    Have the President-elect state unequivocally that he will sign no bill or issues any executive order that in any way, shape or form infringes on Americans to own any firearms or firearm paraphernalia they may so choose to own that are legal at the time I was elected.

    Hell, get him to give up his call for a renewal if the silly Assault Weapons Ban. Until any of this happens, you are basically blowing smoke up our asses.

  2. Obama’s record is awfully clear. So am I still paranoid if he really IS out to get me? ( I think the more relevant question is, am I paranoid enough?)

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