The Endowment Member Gift

NRA finally got my endowment member gift to me a few weeks ago.  We’re cleaning up today and putting everything in its place.  The problem is, where to put the endowment member gift.  You can see my dilemma below:

NRA Endowment Knife

It’s a lovely knife.  It would be nice to put it on display.  But it’s also a weapon, and I don’t particularly relish the idea of performing a Tueller Drill half asleep at three O’Clock in the morning because a home invader has decided to arm himself with my commemorative NRA Endowment knife.  I don’t like to leave functional weapons laying around the house.

I figure I have two choices.  Epoxy the knife to the display rack, so that it can’t be easily removed, or mount it on the wall in the bedroom.  I don’t know if I honestly want a knife mounted in my bedroom.  I liked the civil war bullet set I got for the Life membership.  Unless a burglar brings along an 1861 Sprinfield, there’s not much that can be done with that.

Not that I don’t like the knife, but can you imagine the headline?  So I would suggest to NRA gifts that are a bit more, shall we say, inert.  How about an NRA commemorative deactivated 5 inch naval shell?  I could put that right by the fireplace!

13 thoughts on “The Endowment Member Gift”

  1. If you put it in a nice, well-built polycarbonate box you could still enjoy the looks of it, but a burglar would wake up the whole neighborhood if he beat on the box hard enough to remove the knife.

  2. What do you do with your kitchen knives? Locked Drawer? How about your fireplace poker? I suggest you might be overthinking this.

  3. You do not want a newer 5″ shell, the alloy’s that are used now take darn near forever to get a polish going.
    Now if they got some old brass 3″ or 5″ in case’s you can polish them to near mirror quality.

  4. I refuse to live my life based on what someone else might do. Display your trophy with pride, but keep your sidearm close.

  5. You could drill a hole in the blade and bolt it to the mount. It would not diminish the usefulness of the blade nor would it look all that bad.

  6. Well, I’ll trade you. I got one of the cheap “Millenium Life Member” folding buck knifes.

    Fit and Finish is eh…but it’s foldable and easily stored. Where as your knife is big cumbersome and in the weigh. So I’ll help you by trading.


  7. Gee, I don’t think I got anything for my life membership except a pin and a certificate. My wife is an endowment member and she got a rather nice jacket, dunno if there were other options like the knife besides that.

  8. NRA offers different upgrade gifts at different times. They try new things, they make new deals with people producing these things. It all depends on the offer you take advantage of to sign up.

  9. I remember now, I got the mini-ball when I upgraded to Endowment level at last years annual meeting.

    When I upgraded to Life I got the leather jacket. Don’t get the leather jacket. It lasted 3 months before it started falling apart. I have leather jackets I’ve owned for more than a decade.

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