Interview With Joe DeBergalis

This is the last in our series of interviews with Board Candidates, which means it’s now time to get your ballots in.  I will be engineering a fun series of reminders for you.  As with our interviews with Scott Bach, and Edie Reynolds, my questions are in bold, and the answers italicized.

What, if anything, do you think the NRA can do to help introduce downstate people to the shooting sports and the Second Amendment?

This is a very difficult question to answer, to categorize any citizen of New York as either a “Upstate” or “Downstate” is to invite argument and vigorous debate.

Well, putting that aside then, what do you think NRA can to get more people involved in shooting?

Let’s examine the issue at hand as one that is societal in nature and easily remedied.  The NRA, through its official state affiliate – The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association – reaches thousands of shooters across the state each year.  Anyone so inclined, may avail themselves to a wide variety of shooting experiences….as my campaign motto suggests, “From Black Powder to Black Rifle…”

No matter what your interest is or where you may reside- there is a shooting discipline for you.

Aside from NRA, is there anything you would recommend to individuals, to get more people active?

We need to invite those who may be interested to join us at the gun club, the range or even the match.  I know personally that this is the one of the best methods to get those interested involved…

Addressing specifically the Second Amendment, what is your philosophy on spreading the concepts to the uninitiated?

Regarding introducing anyone to the Second Amendment, I would certainly hope that all citizens – young and old – would be well versed on their civil rights guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That being said, as one that has instructed at the high school, collegiate and Post-Graduate Level, I – unfortunately – know that not to be the case.

Wherever I present, I go to great lengths to fully “enlighten” those that will listen that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the “National Guard” or one of my favorite pastimes of hunting. It is plain and simple, the amendment that guarantees us our freedom – the right to self-defense against tyranny.

We’d like to thank Joe for taking time to answer our questions.  Now get those ballots mailed in!

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