Robb things we need to start focusing on the important things.  I’ve seen talk of Obama Derangement Syndrome floating around in other places too.  It’s certainly a risk, but in trying to build a coalition with moderates, you have to hit on a lot of areas, in hopes that some of them will resonate with people.  Whether we like to admit it or not, humans are wired to gossip about gaffes and violations of social protocol more than they are about how Obama is ruining the economy and driving us closer toward a Social Democracy along the European model.  I would argue the left was actually rather effective at making Americans embarrassed by George W. Bush’s foreign policy.

During the election, I feared that Obama was a game changer.  Basically someone who would fundamentally alter the American landscape and political climate, and in highly radical ways.  FDR was this kind of politician.  During Obama’s transition, seeing that his picks for his cabinet were Democratic establishment, rather than radicals, I started believing he might govern closer to the middle.

I think Obama has turned out to be a radical, but he is no FDR, and this isn’t the 1930s.  The American population isn’t in any mood to accept a new New Deal, though they Democrats are trying to foist one on us anyway.  We should be well positioned to make gains in 2010, but the real difficulty will be whether the Republicans can capitalize on Obama’s missteps.  So far, they aren’t showing much leadership.

2 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. The American population isn’t in any mood to accept a new New Deal

    See, I disagree with you there. Plenty of people are willing to accept it because they will benefit from it. Remember, Obama did get the most votes, and none of his policies are truly a surprise to anyone but the most willfully ignorant.

    Gut feeling – Obama is a one term president because of the bumbling. But the plans he put in place will not be reversible 100% and we will feel their effects for generations to come. Mostly because the bar has been lowered so much that I can’t see too many politicians voluntarily keep their hand out of the cookie jar.

    There’s nothing wrong with pointing out his gaffes and idiocy. Nobody championed Bush as the ultra suave speaker and polished gentleman like they did for the Script Reader. Seeing him FAIL in his ‘perfection’ is worth a lot both for a laugh, and for illustrating the scam that was pulled over people during the campaign.

    Just don’t focus on it. If you make it an attack on Obama the person, that’s easy to refute. Attacks on what he DOES are a whole ‘nuther ball of wax.

  2. I hope your are right, but I think it’s just plain too early to tell. With Franken about to be seated, the senate is yet another seat closer, and I don’t the Republicans are going to hold together the way they used to. The timing in terms of structural politics is perfect for Obama. Let’s hope there’s still enough people to not get steamrolled.

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