International Gun News

Looks like Harper is trying to enlist the help of Ontario sportsmen to help get rid of Canada’s long gun registry, and is calling for a vote to be held on the measure to scrap it.  Meanwhile, Rebecca Peters is busy trying to spread gun control in South America.

Also in the news is an apparent “loophole” in the UK’s handgun ban that’s being exploited by gun owners across the pond.  I guess you can call it the “Joker Loophole”


Clearly something must be done to avert this menace to society.

4 thoughts on “International Gun News”

  1. I think the reporter was trying to say that cap-and-ball blackpowder revolvers aren’t subject to the weapons ban.

  2. …they’re busily shitting their pants all over two-foot long blackpowder front-stuffers?!

    ah, the united kingdom. country where great britain used to be.

  3. A friend of mine went on vacation in merry old England a few years back and wanted to see if he could buy a gun illegally.

    Yeah, I know. He’s that type of guy.

    Anyway, he said it took him two days to find a guy, who sold him a Webley Top Break for about $500 American (Can’t remember if they were on Pounds or Euros at that time). He had other guns, including a couple rifles and a STEN, but the Webley was the cheapest. He sold it back to the same guy, for about $200 when he left. We’ve been laughing at British Gun Laws ever since.

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