DoD Brass Destruction Policy Reversed

Thirdpower has the scoop.  Apparently Tester and Baucus got wind of it, and asked that it be halted.

UPDATE: Documents from NRA are here and here in regards to the reversal.

5 Responses to “DoD Brass Destruction Policy Reversed”

  1. Mike123 says:

    Hats off for Sen. Tester and Baucus. I like pro-gun democrats better than I like my country club Republican Senators (issakson and chambliss).

  2. Chuck B. says:

    I wish somebody could tell me what is the deal with the DoD destroying the surplus ammo cans. That’s what I have heard is going on now.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Great work too, I do NOT reload, won’t do it, one very serious kB was all it took, be that as it may, I am glad for all that do, this is a VICTORY and we gotta take em where we can get em!!

  4. Nicely done folks…effective leadership in action….

  5. Richard Allen says:

    Not to be paranoid but my experience in the burueacracy suggests that a simultaneous action by different agencies requires co-ordination at a higher level (i.e. the White House).


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