Saul Cornell Responds to Hardy

As Dave Hardy mentioned over on his blog, Saul Cornell published a law review in response to Dave’s earlier review article on the lecture notes of St. George Tucker.  I’m not sure what’s more amusing, the degree Cornell is willing to go to ignore or downplay Tucker’s blatant reference to self-defense in regard to the Second Amendment, or the fact that we now have liberal scholars lecturing conservatives on not being good originalists!

One thought on “Saul Cornell Responds to Hardy”

  1. There is a biblical term for this: Willful Blindness. It’s the condition of only seeing what you want to see and making your reality based upon that. This is also how liars work…..When you deliberately do not address key points in making your counter-argument it is because you cannot or choose not to combat them. They do not see, because their eyes are closed- it is an act of will, not stupidity.

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