5 thoughts on “Daley Funding Oak Park in Lawsuit”

  1. How wonderful, not only do Chicagoans get to remain disarmed (for now) they also get to pay for the tyrannical behavior of an adjoining borough.

    Compounding disaster – Chicago style! Deep dish stupid.

  2. Basically this just means Oak Park isn’t paying any share of the fees that NRA nails them for once they lose. Since NRA is suing Chicago and Oak Park, even if Oak Park capitulates Chicago still pays pretty much the same amount.

    This just means Oak Park isn’t sharing any of the load.

  3. Yes, this is interesting but not surprising. Pre-Heller, six Chicagoland municipalities prohibited law-abiding residents from possessing protective handguns. Now, only two (Chicago and Oak Park) remain. I was my understanding that Oak Park strongly considered repealing their ban, too, but that Chicago very much wanted their support and teamwork.

    It seems astonishing that cash-strapped and over-taxed Chicagoans have agreed (via their rulers) to pay Oak Park’s litigation costs in the handgun ban case. Oak Park is not exactly a low-income neighborhood.

    People here in the city should be outraged. That is, outraged if they were paying any attention.

  4. Do you think the cost of Chicago’s defense as well as their ultimate liability for petitioner’s legal fees would be any less if Oak Park bailed? I surmise that perhaps Chicago doesn’t want to stand alone.

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