Talking Out Two Sides of Their Website?

The fake pro-gun group American Hunters and Shooters Association seems to take one position in some places online, and other positions on their web site.  It would seem they are now waffling on the .50 caliber ban.  I anxiously await Bob Ricker’s explanation that we “self-defense whakos” just don’t understand their subtle nuance.

6 thoughts on “Talking Out Two Sides of Their Website?”

  1. Well you see we’re insophisticates who don’t accept things like Global Warming and the true joy of Obamantiation (I just made that up) and so there’s NO WAY we can be expected to understand the intricacies… nay, the subtle beauty inherent in the whole of AHSA.

    Or the ASHA whole, if you will.

    Either way. We’re knuckle draggers.

  2. Could this be the plot? The AHSA is trying to recruit the ‘sensible-gun-laws’ wing of the NRA. They basically have 4 years to build a base of support, fracture the NRA a bit, and try to get their name in the paper.

  3. Bob Ricker is no longer for the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

    Maybe it is time to take a new look at the organization with him gone.

  4. OK Belle. I’m ears. If AHSA is truly committed to being a pro-gun organization, what do they have to offer gun owners that NRA does not offer? I mean, the original idea was to divide and conquer, and give anti-gun politicians some cover on outdoor and hunting issues. That’s why you endorsed Obama right? You know, the one that nominated “Let’s ban assault weapons” Holder to Attorney General.

    Even if I give AHSA the benefit of doubt that they want to move away from their anti-gun past, there’s still the issue of what they can offer gun owners. There’s a lot of groups out there fighting for gun rights. What’s AHSA going to fight for that others aren’t already fighting for? What’s the end game? Color me skeptical about your motives.

  5. Belle:

    As a target shooter, what does the AHSA have to offer me?

    I wish to enter hunting, but have never done so before. Does AHSA have a program to guide and educate new hunters?

    What conservation plans does the AHSA support, and which ones do they not support?

    Who is the board of directors, and how are they appointed?

    What funding or cooperation have they received from the NRA, GOA, Conservation society, Joyce foundation, Greenpeace, and Peta?

    I would like to see these answered with verifiable documentation before I consider donating to your organization. I would also like to know what services AHSA offers that these other organizations do not that is more deserving of my money.


  6. Put me down as one of those people who is just whacky about preserving his life and health.

    I know…..I know….its CRAZY! but it’s just the way I am.

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