ATF Inspecting C&R FFLs?

This is a rather odd report about ATF inspecting type ’03 FFLs.  Odd because the ATF is not supposed to just show up at a Type 03 licenses premises unannounced, they are supposed to make an appointment if they want to inspect your bound book.  They are entitled to look at your A&D book, and inspect the guns you have in your inventory.  This can be done at your premises, or at an ATF office.  Type 03 premises are typically residences, and are not required by federal regulations to have normal business hours.

Inspections are conducted by ATF compliance regulators.  They are not conducted by ATF agents.  If you’re a C&R licensee, and an ATF agent shows up at your door, you should treat that agent as you would any law enforcement officer who takes an interest in you.  Be polite, find out what his business is with you, but don’t say anything without talking to a lawyer.  If he does not have a warrant, do not allow him into your home.  If he does have a warrant, your next call needs to be to an attorney.

I hope this report doesn’t indicate that ATF is starting to harass C&Rs.  Mine expires next year, and if that’s the case it won’t be getting renewed.

6 thoughts on “ATF Inspecting C&R FFLs?”

  1. In the past 6 months or so I’ve read on forums and heard from relatives that such in the case. People who’ve held their oh-threes for a decade or more are having an unscheduled knock at the door these days.

  2. It can’t be a regular 03 compliance inspection, then.

    Either they have him down on their local list as an 01 by accident, or they want to see him about something else, too.

  3. I think this is all about intimidation. If they can scare you into giving up your license they have won.

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