A Fruitcake Shoot – Not What Some May Think

Shooters at Cedar Creek Sporting Clays shot up a bunch of fruitcakes recently.  Before any anti-gunners assume that means that gays in NJ were forced to duck for cover, I should clarify.

Fruitcakes in particular were in the cross hairs Saturday as some 40 shotgun-toting marksmen gathered in Cumberland County for an unconventional target practice at the first-ever John DeBella Fruitcake Trap Shoot.

“Every year people make jokes about fruitcakes, how no one really eats them,” DeBella said. “Personally, I think that they don’t even make new ones each year — they just use the old ones.”

For years, the DJ at Classic Rock 102.9 FM (WMGK) said, he wanted to host an event that involves gunning down the dreaded confection.

They report that about 40 people showed up, including several from Pennsylvania.

Cedar Creek also built a catapult to launch the sweets from an elevated scissor lift. But the fast-flying fruitcakes proved particularly difficult to eliminate, so many were later set up on boards as stationary targets for shooters to blast away.

Somehow New Jersey ranges always end up hosting really great events. Even though we have far more gun owners on this side of the Delaware, we don’t really have much in the way of these kinds of fun events. (h/t Outdoor Pressroom)

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