More Heroic Concealed Carry Holders

In Texas, several people with a concealed handgun license stopped a rampage in progress.  You can tell it was Texas because the guy had no less than three people returning fire.  God Bless Texas.  So much for the claim that the good guys will just end up confusedly shooting each other.

3 thoughts on “More Heroic Concealed Carry Holders”

  1. Gal, actually…with a hunting bow and arrow, and a fake pistol. Very odd story. Good on the company employees making use of the CHLs…one hopes that their jobs are secure and they weren’t “in violation of company policy” by carrying (I would’ve been at my old Houston workplace, a corporate gig with insurance giant AIG).

  2. Silly headline, if technically accurate.
    Seems like attempted “suicide-by-cop” scenario.

    Obviously, we MUST ban the bow!

    Actually, as you are aware, several States do “regulate” the bow-and-arrow, and crossbows are classed [separately] as firearms.

  3. This story started some wheels turning in my head.

    HR 45 is obviously a despicable bill because it makes everyone register with an authority to exercise a civil right, enumerated by the constitution. Photo ID, a central registration system, consequences for failure to notify of a new address, etc.

    Harrumph harrumph, this is bad. Yes, it is.

    But you know what?

    It looks a WHOLE LOT like what CHL holders have to go through to exercise their natural right to self defense and private property.

    Apparently I am to cherish the CHL license and understand these impediments, but balk if they are introduced and expanded on a federal level for non-carry.

    I can’t say I really care for any of it, HR 45 or the CHL laws. How it is that Vermont has a better right-to-carry recognition than Texas still amazes me.

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