Our Anniversary Toast

Today, in addition to being Inauguration Day, is the 2 year anniversary of my first date with Sebastian.  We are toasting with a bottle of Chianti.  As we raised our glasses, Sebastian said, “May our relationship outlive a Democratic Congress.”  I laughed.

I will also say that even though the Chanti is only so-so, I will say that I far prefer it to the choice of sparkling wine at Obama’s luncheon.  I loathe Korbel.  I think I had one okay bottle once in college.  And I’ll be honest, it may not have been that good since I was probably already well on my way to intoxication.  (Champange & Strawberries and I left to go have beer with my friends.)

Interestingly, the wines were chosen by committee.  And all three happened to be from California.  Want to take bets on how much each of the committee members received in donations from the owners and employees?  That’s the kind of change they like on the Hill – the kind that rattles in their pockets!

4 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Toast”

  1. We are toasting with a bottle of Chianti.

    Damned Silence of the Lambs, my first thought upon reading that was to ask if you had liver and fava beans to go with it.

  2. Korbel?? Chosen by committee? Must be a committee of Freshmen…also from the taste it’s made and bottled by one.

    There’s so many better choices, Schramsberg, Mumm, Domaine Chandon – even Spanish surrender-monkey Frixinet is better tasting.
    And if they insisted on organic, Domaine Carneros is top-of-the-line.

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