“Hello, Sweetness”

Stephen Colbert interviews Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a freshman from Utah, and proposes a new standard for NRA ratings in the process.

Even if no gun votes come up in the next two years, I want to see NRA give Chaffetz that A+ just for being man enough to say “Hello Sweetness” to a gun.

9 thoughts on ““Hello, Sweetness””

  1. The only thing that bothers me whenever Colbert pulls out Sweetness is he’s always got his finger inside the trigger guard. Of course, I would bet Sweetness has never seen live ammo, and probably isn’t even functional, but still…

  2. Chaffetz could have gotten the “+” added to his “A” rating if he’d reminded Colbert of the Four Rules of Gun Safety. It looked like Colbert aimed the gun at his own head, and he keeps his finger on the trigger. Pretty scary stuff!

  3. Yes, it would be good, but that would be edited out. Colbert is trying to be over-the-top stupid in that case.

    Hell, depending on where the interview was filmed, it probably wasn’t a real gun. I never saw a good enough shot of it to see for sure.

  4. Colbert Report is filmed in NYC.

    When asked if he was carrying, Jason might have explained that he doesn’t carry in New York because it prohibits reciprocity with Utah. He also might have suggested that the city’s can on carry may help to explain why crime is so much lower in NYC than in Utah’s 3rd congressional district.

    Jason has a beautiful looking family.

  5. I shuddered when he put the barrel to his head with the finger in the trigger. The funny thing is he was trying to make Chaffetz look dumb, but ……….oh the irony! Nice work Colbert, do you practice moves from “Hot Fuzz” when you go to the range?

  6. Carl – If Colbert’s show is filmed in NYC, I’ll bet that this snub nose revolver he was flailing around and trying to be cute with was just a prop and not an actual firearm.

  7. I don’t know, but I would bet that prop guns are illegal in NYC, too. Definitely not funny the way Colbert broke three of the four rules.

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