It Was Two Years Ago Today

January 6th, 2007 is when I penned my inaugural post:

This is the inaugural post of this blog, because I think that one of the greatest things we shooters can do for ourselves is to introduce new people to our community. My friend Loretta, who came to visit over the holidays, did not have any existing prejudice towards guns, but I have taken people shooting for the first time who have. There’s nothing that quite opens people’s minds like seeing firearms as the tools that they are, and shooters for the ordinary people that they are, than a trip to the range.

I still think that.  I started gun blogging when things were pretty good for us.  Now, things aren’t looking as good.  I’m expecting that year three is going to be a lot more interesting, and I mean that in the old Chinese sense, than the first two years.

In the past year, Heller is the big news, and probably our greatest card to play moving forward.  But while Heller was a great achievement, because it answered the big question, we now will be stuck arguing the scope of the Second Amendment in front of an increasingly unfavorable panel of federal judges appointed by Obama.  There will be many challenges, and I’m sure more than a few setbacks and losses, but I am an optimist by nature, and believe we’ll get through them, and start making progress again.

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