17 thoughts on “Those Nasty Assault Riffles”

  1. If that’s an assault ‘riffle’, then my truck’s a rolling missile. Idiot obviously has no clue what an assault rifle looks like.

  2. “Assault weapon” is the new catch phrase of the gun grabbers. They just throw it about so as to create hysteria and fear among the ignorant masses. Pretty soon every gun will be an “assault weapon” to these people.

  3. Reading that particular brand of amazing really does make my cap crinkle.

    How does something so sloppily written, with a “zinger” of an opening line that is tantamount to sacrilege, and such an eye-popper of a spelling error get put out into the world?

    Easy! It’s anti-gun in some way. It’s as if when you submit an anti piece, you enter the journalistic “editorial scrutiny-free-zone.”

  4. “It’s a gun ban George Washington could approve of……”

    Just that in and of itself makes me want to assault someone in journalism. What an absolute douche-bag! Man after reading that, I need an antacid!

  5. One of the ways we fight legislation to ban .50 cal is to demonstrate the arbitrary nature of half an inch. So, why half an inch and not a quarter of an inch, or three-quarters.

    We all know that today it’s .50s, tomorrow will be .45s, and the next day .40s. But it’s the arbitraryness of the .50 that we must argue.

  6. ***serve no appropriate civilian use***

    Gotta love that line too………..guess long range competition, or big game hunting is not *appropriate*.

    NJ will ban black powder next, Good luck trying to find it being sold here anyway. I was gonna start shooting black powder till I found out how much it would cost. All those Haz mat fee’s are quite high in NJ.

  7. New Jersey’s gun laws are pretty much all unconstitutional the way I see it.

    Hopefully, the incorporation issue will catch up with them sooner or later and they will be overturned. The last time I checked, there was nothing in the second amendment restricting the right to keep and bear arms to just guns which have “appropriate civilian use”, and the second amendment should be just as valid in New Jersey as in any other state.

  8. Hey Cemetery:

    It might be worth it for you to come here to PA and buy a pound or two of black powder or pyrodex. Screw those NJ hazmat fees. The last time I got some pyrodex was at Walmart and it was under twenty bucks, tax included, for a one pound bottle.

  9. Weren’t some of of the long guns carried by Washington’s army .50 cal or greater in some cases? A gun ban General Gage or Cornwallis would approve of, maybe. Crikey!

  10. I always wanted to slip an Enfield into the display of “assault weapons” to see who would notice.

  11. JJR: In the days of the American Revolutionary War, and even for many years afterward, rifles and muskets were typically well over .50 caliber – they were usually around .68 caliber or so.

    The one event which actually sparked the American Revolutionary War was when the British sent troops to seize the guns and ammunition of the colonial militia in Concord, Massachusetts. (To the British, perhaps this is what they perceived as a “reasonable” gun control measure.) Those troops were met with resistance by the militia men, the shooting started, and the rest is history.

  12. When the Philistines disarmed the Israelites and weapon-control was instituted the people were conquered. A disarmed people is the sign of an enslaved people. When government fears the people there’s freedom, when people fear the government there’s tyranny. Let freedom ring.

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