6 thoughts on “Customer Service Fail!”

  1. Mine is a mechanical lock too. Liberty didn’t actually recommend the electronic locks, unless I really had my heart set on it.

  2. Ft Knox here, mainly because I have a local dealer nearby.

    I was warned off the electronic locks and told to stay mechanical.

  3. Are there any safe companies that warranty the electronic locks for any signifigant period? I doubt it.

  4. Liberty has some great safe. As long as keeping burglars out for a minute and 44 seconds is your objective…


    Mechanical locks are warrantied for a year too. And they have more moving parts to fail. If you don’t get them serviced regularly one day you’ll find yourself getting quotes to have a safe tech drill it.

    People who make “gun safes” seem to spend lots of money on marketing, “economical manufacturing” and applying really nice paint. This provides lots of margin for profit since people who buy $3500 “gun safes” don’t seem require nearly the kind of security that anyone else who buys a $3500 safe would expect. And steel is expensive.

  5. Kevin, pretty much all Residential Security Containers suffer from this problem. Unless you want to pay very serious money for a TL-30 rated safe. There are only a few gun safe manufactures who manufacture safes, rather than RSCs, and they are outrageously expensive. If you properly install an RSC (bolt it to the ground, place it in an area where you can’t get proper leverage) it’ll keep out your common thieves. It won’t keep out professionals, but neither will a safe if they have enough time.

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