Fire a Gun, Go to Jail

Firearms & Freedom points out some absurdity with the proposed model legislation for bullet serialization.  The ammo serialization bill also demands that non-serialized ammunition be destroyed before 2011, so under this model legislation, you can forget reloading.  As others have said, ammunition restrictions might be a new model for the gun control proponents.

16 thoughts on “Fire a Gun, Go to Jail”

  1. Yeah, because you can really control lead and NOBODY could possibly cast ever again.

    If you think about it, this would put ICC out of business. How could you read the serial number off of dust?

  2. Ammo control IS infringement on our right to keep and bear arms, because ammo is a primary component of said arms that make it what it is and makes it do what it’s supposed to do.

  3. And which part of Section 1, Article 9 of the Constitution can’t these proponents of destruction of non-encoded ammo understand? Notably, “No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”.

    There is a reason why gun control bills have to have grandfather clauses. That’s it. I don’t see how a requirement to destroy or turn in non-encoded ammo stocks would not raise Constitution issues since it would be an “ex post facto” law. How can ammo that functioned perfectly yesterday be illegal the following day and had been legal to possess, absent little numbers for well over a century?

    Not to mention the 4th Amendment issues involved in the seizing of such property and such a law is an outright violation of 18 USC 926(a).

    Sorry, these types of things involving registries, requirements to turn over/destroy lawfully owned property and “ex post facto” laws are a real sore spot with me. Because our Federal law as it stands is clear that such attempts to pass such laws are outright illegal.

  4. I’ve been saying that for years.

    Going after ammo is easier, because of the terms they use (cop killer, armor piercing).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they went after frangible ammo by saying it eliminates evidence.

  5. Part of the Durham NC ammo crap was that the city council said something like “we need to make it clear that this is NOT a gun control bill.”

    So expect “neener neener, this isn’t about guns” from the antis.

  6. Matt. I doubt many politicians have even read the Constitution, and many clearly have no respect for it. They’d already be violating the 2nd Amendment so violating other silly, antiquated language like, “No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed,” won’t phase them one bit.

    They’ve passed such ex-post facto laws in CA even though it’s illegal. If they can get away with it they will.

    As far as “non-encoded ammo.” Just remember, you lost it in a fire / boating accident / burglary etc.

  7. Re: ex post facto. It’ll get a pass the same way the Lautenberg amendment does: You are not being penalized for your current possession, you will only be penalized if you possess it in the future.

  8. Since when have the gun-grabbers ever given a hairy rat’s patoot over the Constitutionality of a gun-ban scheme?

  9. As far as “non-encoded ammo.” Just remember, you lost it in a fire / boating accident / burglary etc.

    Screw that. I didn’t lose it, and I’m not turning it in. If they want to feed and clothe me for the rest of my life, that’s fine, but they can’t have my ammo unless they arrest me first.

  10. I’m willing to go on the new watch list the day this bill passes i propose we have a new “boston tea party” we march on the capital and all federal buildings and dispose of all our “illegal ammunition”. I know all of you thought it but there it is wide open and published in cyberspace. if i had a press i’d print it and hand it out every where just like Franklin.


    Hopefully history will judge my blood as a patirot and not a tyrant

  11. So, what about black powder sabots and lead bullets? What about shotgun shell pellets? How would they be able serialize all of these different types of projectiles?

  12. This would destroy all small-run ammo manufacturing. I’ve heard how some elephant-gun ammunition is hand-assembled; they’re never going to be able to afford this.

    It’s odd: they’ve already faced criticism from the firearms community, but they haven’t changed their tune one bit.

  13. Let’s be real here – all of this bullet serialization crapola is nothing but a backdoor attempt by the lefties to disarm the entire American legal gun-owning public. This will be achieved by driving some ammunition manufacturers out of the marketplace, along with making it difficult and exorbitant for law-abiding Americans to obtain ammunition from the ones who can afford to stay in business.

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