Regulating Everything

This is a sad spectacle, but this is the rabbit hole folks in the gun control movement will take us down, when none of their prescriptions for our ills work.

7 Responses to “Regulating Everything”

  1. OrangeNeckInNY says:


  2. Hal says:

    Wow! Maybe we’ll be seeing some “sensible” knife-control laws at the Federal level soon. Then we’ll surely be so much safer from slashing and stabbings, right?

  3. ATL says:

    What about me? Sharp corners killed my baby!!

    Look we need warning signs on all right angles- stop the slaughter!

  4. J. Dock says:

    One knife a month. “Why does anyone NEED to buy more than one a month?”

    “Every kitchen knife is pointed at you!!!!”

    Maybe some angle limits on corners are needed. 90 degrees is too pointy. Common sense angle regulation. Ban “assault corners.”

    Oh and we’ll need trace information on anything with a right angle or sharper so that we can sue the manufacturer.

  5. Tom says:

    The country wrapped lamp posts with padding because pedestrians because they were too busy texting.

    They’ve obviously denounced natural selection and evolution.

  6. Robert D. Johnson says:

    Gun Fearing Pu**y Liberals make my brain hurt. Can we please get some “reasonable” restrictions on them?

  7. JJR says:

    What about chopsticks? Are they saleable to UK teens or too pointy for their own good? What about plastic knives/forks/spoons?

    One can hope that the bloodletting in Mumbai (formerly colonial Bombay) will help more Brits wake the hell up that the same could happen to them, too, and that an armed citizenry is often the first line of defense. There was a surprising UK editorial to that effect not long after the tragedy in India, but I don’t know if it has already vanished down the memory hole or if it had any impact whatsoever.
    I suspect many Britons just politely ignored the article and got on with their daily affairs, remaining blissfully ignorant.