The Canned Gourmet

I was amused by these reviews for various prepared and canned foods.  For those of us on the go, it’s a good look at what’s good and what sucks.  How can you beat reviews that go like this:

Boulder Ice Cream – Super Premium Vanilla

Says “produced with milk from cows not treated with rBGH.” Well maybe they should be. Cuz this ice cream sucks. Horrible consistency (too globby). The flavor may or may not have been okay, but it doesn’t matter. As the great philosopher Carrito once said, “Ice cream should not be like taffy.”

I will have to reference this before I restock my office Emergency Lunch Survival Kit.  What prompted me to find this was eating a can of Campbell’s Harvest Select Light Clam Chowder, which has the aroma of a can of fresh Alpo, and a taste that pretty closely matches.  I couldn’t even finish it, and  will normally eat anything.

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  1. I question the science used by rBGH opponents, but there’s no doubt Monsanto did an atrocious job positioning it when first brought to market.

    One of the key criticisms was that the market was already glutted with milk. At the time, that was true, but the point of rBGH was not to produce more milk overall, but more milk per cow. A dairy farmer used to producing x gallons of milk with n cows could now produce x gallons of milk with (n-j) cows, thus reducing his variable cost of production.

  2. I’ll add my review to the list.

    If you crack the seal on a can of olives and it spits and fizzes at you for 15 seconds, don’t eat them.

    That was a loooooooong night.

  3. too funny, cuz not more than two weeks ago, i also tried that campbell’s light clam chowder and thought the same thing… was really hard to finish. was the most bland, tasteless stuff ever… and clam chowder with only the textures (and no flavor) is truly disgusting.

  4. which has the aroma of a can of fresh Alpo, and a taste that pretty closely matches.

    Do you make a habit of tasting dog food, or is this mere conjecture?


  5. As a rule, I stay away from anything that says “Lite” in the label; it implies that something was left out of the recipe, which can’t be good.

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