New DC Gun Law

Looks like DC is, once again, doing its level best to skirt the Supreme Court’s ruling in Heller:

The D.C. Council voted unanimously yesterday to give preliminary approval to legislation that would require gun owners to renew their registrations every three years and to notify police annually whether they still own guns.

The Fire Arms Registration Amendment, which would also ban assault weapons, was described as building on legislation passed by the council in September to adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning the city’s 32-year handgun ban.

The new legislation also mandates Microstamping, a practice that’s not common in the firearms industry.  It also requires training, submission to a background check every six years.  It also bans any unsafe handgun — whatever that means.

5 thoughts on “New DC Gun Law”

  1. Sometimes, when the flock is so big and so stupid that your vote doesn’t count and your voice is never heard, it’s just better to move. And being trapped by the thought “it’s the only place I can find grass” is just as detrimental to your future as handing over your rights to the big stupid flock.

  2. Unsafe guns are ones that don’t go “bang” when you pull the trigger, fail to feed, fail to extract, or are otherwise unsuitable for any situation when you need a gun.

  3. Rather reminiscent of the Democratic party after Brown v. Board of Education.

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