Zombie Attack!

Man, the guys at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club have more fun in a weekend than I have all year:


Looks like it attracts quite a crowd too.  Yeah, it’s cheesy, but it’s fun, and unusual.  It’s something that can get people to come out to the club, who might decide to come to other matches.  I might have to think about going to a few of their matches and join.  It’s only 20 or so minutes from me, and it looks like they do a lot of cool stuff.

Hat tip to The Geek

10 Responses to “Zombie Attack!”

  1. Turk Turon says:


  2. Linoge says:

    That is too damned funny, and looks like way too much fun.

  3. Alan says:

    I’m glad someone is taking the zombie threat seriously.

  4. Navy Vet from Jersey says:

    New Jersey would probably not hold up very well against a zombie outbreak compared to Pennsylvania. There’s just not enough firepower owned by the general public in this state, thanks to all of the anti-gun laws here, and the police and military couldn’t be expected to do all of the zombie-killing, either.

  5. I was there with the Geek and the shoot was even more fun than the video. LRGC puts on great, fun, safe shoots.

  6. OrangeNeckInNY says:

    Damnnnnnn…..I wish I could’ve been there.

  7. ATL says:

    “I’m glad someone is taking the zombie threat seriously.”

    When someone asks me why I CC I tell them that the zombie threat is “anytime, anyplace.” It’s even funnier when I act like I am serious.

  8. Fargo007 says:

    Twenty minutes away, and you didn’t do your part to clear Bucks County of the horrible threat that was pointed against us?

    All is not lost though. We have a Kalashnikov shoot on 12/27, and we’ll see if you can qualify. Markowitz was there, and knocked off way more zombies than were on his plate.

    We also run instructional clinics a few times a year to get people handling their firearms the correct and safe way for tactical shooting, and most importantly making the hits when they are needed.

    Come on down. There’s so much more to do…..

    –Fargo007 (“the zombinator”, and VP of LRGC & Match Director)

  9. Sebastian says:


    I would have come down if I had realized. I’ll see if I can make your Kalashnikov match.

  10. Fargo007 says:

    Please do!

    You’ll love the club, and as you can see we have fun shooting events of many types there.

    It was kind of cool to hear our shoot got featured by a local blog. You’ll have a great time. The practical rifle page listing required gear is at

    You’ll have a great time I promise.