GSSF Knoxville Shoot

Looks like Uncle is starting to get into competition, namely Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches.  I’ve thought it would be neat to do GSSF events at our club, but there are already clubs with larger facilities in the area doing them, plus, I’m not sure if some of our club rules would present a problem.

But it does look like the kind of match you could run at pretty much any club.  If I recall, Central Jersey runs Glock matches.  But to do that, I’d have to ignore the advice of several lawyers who have advised against taking guns into New Jersey.  Guns are illegal in New Jersey, you see.  It’s only through exceptions in the law that you can possess one.  Fall outside that exception, which is easy with a pistol, and you’re an instant felon. As much as I’d like to compete in some of CJRPC’s matches, their laws are designed to put people like me in prison for minor slip-ups.  No thanks.  I’ll stay on this side of the river.  Folks in Tennessee have it better.