Operation Blunt 2

Joe Huffman and SayUncle talk about what wonderful success the authorities in the UK have been having trying to purge sharp, pointy things from human knowledge.  I mean, if you want to talk about how stupid gun control is, this goes beyond ridiculousness.  I can make an edged weapon capable of killing someone out of crap laying around my office inside of ten minutes.  How do you regulate that?

5 thoughts on “Operation Blunt 2”

  1. They’re going to have to start regulating your fingers.

    “With the first link, a chain is forged; the first speech censured; the first thought forbidden, binds us all irrevocably.”

    -Capt. Jean-Luc Picard-

    I guess the chain’s not going to stop until all freedom has been stripped from everyone.

  2. I’ve got an even better answer than Uncle:

    Sebastian, they will beat you into submission using the weight of opressive laws and overzealous and extra-legal enforcement, and they think you will eventually lose the will to fight, which we all know is the true weapon; that which we fashion from stone and wood is merely a tool.

  3. If you venture over to “War on Guns”, David has a story about Great Britain starting to ban hats so the CCTV cameras can see your face better.

    Your complaining about them banning knives and they’ve already moved on to fuzzy head warmers.

    Those crazy Brits may be retarded but they don’t stay still for long.

  4. Even in an unacceptably restrictive place such as prison, inmates find ways to make weapons and kill each other. (I idly wonder what the ratio is between prison killings and those on the outside)
    This doesn’t speak well for banning much of anything.

    And bench grinders will be next, since you can use them to ‘weaponize’ just about any piece of steel. Next, those evil ‘assault-grinders’ (Dremel tools, to you and me), followed by files….

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