More Cultural Condescension from an AHSAhole

I don’t know what’s worse, people who want to ban assault rifles out of ignorance, or the people who know fully well what they are, and are willing to throw us under the bus anyway:

These pseudo-assault rifles have a Rambo look that appeals to a certain segment of gun owners, and while they may fulfill some fantasies, the shooter still has to pull the trigger each time he wants to fire, just as with semiauto hunting and target rifles and shotguns.

I don’t use one because few pseudo-assault rifles are anywhere near as accurate as my bolt-action rifles or, for that matter, a 125-year-old, single-shot, black powder buffalo gun that I got chance to shoot last summer and could make 6-inch groups at 1,000 yards.

You see, he’s just plain better than us sickos who shoot competitively with black guns.  Mr. Sharp, I want to introduce you to somebody.  This is Wayne Pacelle, he’s the head of the Humane Society of the United States, a group that proposes to end hunting in North America, one species at a time.  Mr. Pacelle has no less than a goal to be to “rival the National Rifle Association.”

When these people come for your sport, if they already have my AR-15, I’m out of the fight.  I do not hunt — I’m a competitive target shooter, and I carry a pistol for self-defense.  My interest in preserving hunting is in preserving an important part of the shooting sports.  If you, and those who think like you, cause me losing my sport, what interest do I have to fight for yours?  When you understand that you are under just as much threat as we are, you’ll give up your arrogance and understand we’re on this boat together, so you better pick up a bucket and start bailing, or we’re going to sink.

15 thoughts on “More Cultural Condescension from an AHSAhole”

  1. A blackpowder gun that makes 6-inch groups at 1000 yards?

    What’s the current world record group for a Palma rifle?

    Smells a might tall, if’n ya ask me.

    Then again, what do you expect from an AHSA hat?

  2. I will admit that I do like “pseudo-assault rifle” over “assault rifle.” Maybe it’s a sign that the battle over terminology is shifting a little bit toward the RKBA side.

    The problem is that some hunters (and presumably target shooters) think a fair fight is enough. Fairness in self-defense is stupid: you want to have as much of an advantage as possible and you want to cheat if at all possible. Let’s say you’re a shopkeeper in a major California city and you’re faced with one or more guys coming down the street after you with Glocks and revolvers. Would you like your own Glock, a Beretta automatic shotgun, or an SKS? That’s what I thought. Sean Taylor was an NFL safety and almost certainly among the 1% fittest/strongest people in the world.

    Another problem is that some people seem to think that there is never a legitimate reason to shoot a person. If a person’s worth shooting, they’re worth shooting more than once.

    Lastly, it’s pretty elitist: unless you can afford to train with a relatively decent hunting rifle, complete with expensive scope (try getting even a Remington 700 and Bushnell 3200 for less than $700), you’re out of luck. For someone with shaking hands facing two guys who want to rape your daughter, being able to pull the trigger four times in two seconds might be the only way to have any effect.

    Sorry to rant; I know you know all this already.

  3. Let me add that I’m not a hunter: I don’t see any direct constitutional problem with outlawing all forms of hunting. That doesn’t mean it’s something that I wouldn’t fight hard against, if only to preserve a penumbra (emanation, even) around the RKBA.

  4. He’s a flat out liar. 6″ groups at 1000 yds w/ a “blackpowder buffalo gun”? BS.

    Six shops and not much business? BS. Every shop, show, and online source I’ve been to and looked at can’t keep anything in stock.

    He’s right though. We do have more firearm rights than we did 10 years ago. No thanks to him and people like him.

  5. I do not believe in hunting except for that which results in consumption of the kill. So, if my simple ownership of an EBR “paper-puncher” is offensive, then I can’t defend the useless killing of animals by trophy hunters.

  6. I agree, if they aren’t going to stand up for us, why should we defend them after we’ve been “cleansed”?

  7. Wow, this ass-hat just made some anti-gunners day! Good work! Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

    With comments like these: “A major issue here is perception. The Rambo guns attract sickos who are responsible for tragedies like the Columbine massacre — loonies for whom the militaristic-looking weapons represent the power and control absent from their sad lives. ” Who needs the Brady Campaign? Thanks a ton dick-cheese; may you get a squib load when a deer attacks your ignorant ass!

  8. I was thinking that for all practical intents and purposes, most semi-auto rifles nowadays had gotten to be at least as useful for hunting pretty much any game in North America as any bolt-action rifle. They wouldn’t be so popular for hunting if they weren’t reasonably accurate, eh?

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