Mixed Messages

This is pretty friggin funny.  The anti-freedom crowd can’t seem to get their messaging together.  Delaware recently passed a low allowing for handgun hunting.   Apparently Freedom States Alliance says handguns are way too powerful for hunting, while HSUS argues that they aren’t powerful enough.  Perhaps it might occur to some people that both groups are full of crap.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Messages”

  1. It seems to me that hunting with a large bore revolver would likely be more humane than a bow and arrow.

  2. I can legally hunt with my 1911 in 10mm here in NYS, but I wouldn’t try taking a shot further than 30 yds with it.

  3. I hunted deer and elk for years with a Super Blackhawk in 44 mag. You are hunting at bow and arrow distances, but the kill is cleaner. A lung shot with a 240gr drops an elk right down.

  4. It’s really funny how these groups set themselves up as authorities of these types of things and really come out sounding like total dumbasses! Beautiful!

  5. I love how they’re up in arms about the whole thing when the article clearly states the following.

    1. Handgun hunting has been allowed since 2005, all they’ve done now is to extend the season on when it’s allowed. It wasn’t a problem in 2005, and it’s not a problem now.

    2. We’re the 48th state to allow hunting with handguns. It’s not caused any issues in the other 47 states, so why would it be a problem in Delaware?

    Of course we know that Freedom States Alliance isn’t thinking logically or with any objectivity on this, so the above points wouldn’t matter one bit to them.

  6. Too powerful/not powerful enough is nothing.

    I picked up a (used) copy of Josh Sugarmann’s book, and the gun lobby alternates between being irrelevant in a hopeless state of decline and an evil superpower capable of anything multiple times on a page.

  7. Hey, it’s like the Obama supporters say.

    “AWW C’MON Obama doesn’t want to take your guns, he supports the 2nd Amendment, HE SAID SO! Why just look at the Brady Campaign, who says that now is the best… time… to pass… uh… gun laws…”

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