A New Term

For hunters that don’t support gun rights, except for their own, BadIdeaGuy managed to come up with a new term I think I like:


We’ll declare Ray Schoenke the inaugural member of the club.

UPDATE: Looks like this isn’t the first instance of that term.  Ray Schoenke will have to be number 2.

6 thoughts on “A New Term”

  1. I “coined” something! Nice! Check another accomplishment off my ambitious life-to-do-list.

    Now we can design the AHSArag standard competition target (an environmentally friendly, solar powered “lazer tag” receiver), AHSA special edition George Soros 75th birthday autographed shotgun (replica, no chamber), AHSA microstamping document stapler, AHSA framed copy of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the AHSA special coffee table book “Firearms of Police, Military, and Not You of The World”.

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