Why It’s Not the 1930s Again

For those who are worried that we’re reliving the 1930s, whether you think we’re about to repeat nazi Germany, or even be dealt another “New Deal”, you should take a look at this electoral map of 1932:

1932 Electoral Map
1932 Electoral Map

Roosevelt defeated Hoover by a margin of 57 to 40 percent.  With the exception of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and rural New England, which were traditional Republican strongholds at the time, FDR won every other state, including all of The South, The West, and the Midwest.  His win in 1936 was even more spectacularly lopsided.  The last time we saw wins of this magnitude?  Ronald Reagan.

Folks, this is not a country that is about to embrace socialism, or yield to a new Obama dictatorship.  They are not about to send their sons and daughters off to join a paramilitary secret police force.  We are not living in that world.  The left pulled out all the stops, and played every play in their book, and the best they managed was 53%.

What do we have to watch for?  The things we know progressives like doing.  More government entitlements.  More gun control.  We have to be prepared to fight this national service corps, not because it’ll become the next SS, but because it’s a bad idea.  We will definitely have a tax fight on our hands.  We have to be prepared to wage the political fight of our lives to stop these measures, especially new entitlements, which are almost impossible to get rid of once you have them.  But we’re not in a death match to stave off Soviet or Nazi America.  Not yet, at least.

12 thoughts on “Why It’s Not the 1930s Again”

  1. You’re joking right?

    We had an educated population, no mass indoctrination or distraction venues such as TV, sports (on the level of today), not as many “wealth redistribution” programs (AKA government handouts), a helluva lot more actual freedoms, less nanny statists, ruled by logic and fact over emotion, institutional racism, one working family member, real punishment for crimes, etc….

    We were a VERY different country then. We’ve been heading towards hell since then.

    Perhaps you missed the election, but promises and a cult of personality put the obamanation into office. They ONLY managed 53% of the people? That’s still around 100 million folks. Considering the fact that they control government and people are already moving on back into their “4 years until we vote again” lives dominated by the media, TV, and sports they’ll buy whatever lies are told to them. Throw in some “terrorism” and class warfare and the deal’s done.

    I guess seeing IS believing for some folks.

  2. Not to mention in 1932 they didn’t have quite as many examples of the horror and misery Marxist policies could produce.

    What’s our excuse?

  3. Tom,

    If you want to sit off in a corner and hate on Americans, that’s your choice. It’s not mine. Education levels today are higher than they’ve ever been in the history of this country. Most people did not even have a high school diploma in the 1930s. Ignorance was vast.

    Roosevelt had far more fertile soil to cultivate socialist ideas than Obama does. That’s not to say Obama can’t do a lot of damage, and I think he will, but it’s not going to be FDR level damage. Unless, of course, we’re not going to be serious about opposition.

  4. Sebastian, I hope you are right, but this generation of high schoolers is the first where fewer will graduate from high school than their parents.

    I think the country is going to have a very difficult time dealing with the changes Obama will propose.

    Of course, I could be wrong,a nd he might be actually able to bring us all together….wait, nope, ain’t gonna happen!!

  5. I do think this is going to be hard for us. There’s damage that will happen with this administration that I think is beyond the Republicans competence to reverse.

  6. Tom has a pretty dim view … unrealistically and certainly unproductively dim, in my own opinion.

  7. Not to mention that those graduates these days AREN’T educated*, they are for – the most part – indoctrinated.

    *Cash machines with pictographs instead of numbers and that’s only the most obvious example.

  8. oh yes, I must be very dim as I “hate on Americans” I’m glad that the PC Police operate here. Let’s have a look at what those uneducated dolts from the 1930s went on to DO. In the 30s there were standards and discipline in school. Just because we complete a higher grade doesn’t mean anything as students don’t even preform at grade level these days. If YOU wish to avoid the truth that’s fine.

    My view is no dimmer then the truth, and claims to the contrary are counterproductive. My views are only unproductive if ignored or overlooked.

    You look at the people who have come out of public schools and are now in college. What will that get them these days. A minimum wage job in a service industry. We are and have been systematically driven towards socialism in every way possible. Education, industry, government, entertainment, the media, all of them have pushed the same goals.

    The immediate danger is from government, but the long term danger is through the government in the form of the people who look to government. Look for the next reichstag fire and watch how fast “change” occurs. 66+ million people voted for change and in order to continue to RULE (as obama himself said) they have to deliver some of those promises. This is not a country that will totally or eagerly embrace socialism, but there sure are enough useful idiots who will.

    “It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once. Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men accustomed to freedom,that it must steal in upon them by degrees and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes in order to be received.”
    David Hume,1742

  9. Tom, I think it’s hard to deny that statement was dripping with contempt for a lot of your fellow citizens. Both those who voted for Obama, and those that didn’t. Not all those who voted for Obama are fools. Many of them, in fact, are persuadable.

  10. Why would I deny my contempt for people who want me declared a criminal and my rights taken away so they can feel safe? Why should I care for people who have had every opportunity I had or more and threw them away? Your post was no different from something I could find on hufpo saying “we just need to give him a chance” It’s only been a week and that’s the new mantra of both the left and the right. Why should I give a guy who wants to fundamentally change my country a chance? Why should I support “my president” who’s history of lying makes clinton look like a little fibber? Why shouldn’t I expect the worst from a guy who was to the left of the self declared socialist in the senate and who has the congress drooling to give him things to sign?

    I do have issues with people who keep jumping to the same tune like trained animals. The only thing either party really needs us for is the illusion of freedom while they creep or leap towards outright slavery and I’m damn sick of it. When all the indicators are pointing in one direction you had better look and see where you’re headed.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – Goethe

    You see what they want to do with the auto industry? Volkswagon anyone?

    Shit, maybe I should quit wasting my time here and go talk to those persuadable people you mentioned, as the eyes here to not want to see and the ears do not want to hear.

  11. Most of the people who voted for Obama have no idea what they just voted for. A lot of them don’t know his record on guns. God help me, I wish they wouldn’t vote, but they do. Our job over the next two years is to either change their minds, or hope they stay home. It’s hard to convince people to change their minds if you think they are out to get you. People had a lot of reasons for voting for Obama that don’t have anything to do with agreeing with his stance on gun rights, or other rights. They may be about to get an education when Congress’ session starts.

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