Compare and Contrast

We’re told that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.  I will leave it to the reader to decide which side here dissents more patriotically:

Iraq War Protest

Iraq War Protest

Philadelphia Tea Party

Philadelphia Tea Party

10 Responses to “Compare and Contrast”

  1. AntiCitizenOne says:

    They both do.

  2. JJR says:

    All I see are concerned Americans seeking a redress of grievances…in both photos.

  3. JJR says:

    the real question is, which group is more likely to get tear gassed and their heads cracked by police truncheons…and be restricted to a “Free Speech Zone”…

  4. Sebastian says:

    Not saying either is not patriotic, but tea party protesters seem to revere the symbols and traditions on their country a good bit more than the anti-war protesters I’ve seen.

  5. BillH says:

    I have been most struck by the absence of professionally, mass produced protest signs at the tea party events, compared to the lefty protests in the past. And none of the rightwing extremists had stiltpuppets or Obama/satan paper mache heads…

    The identical accusations of “astroturfing” used as a means of diminishing and putting down the protests, coming from so many corners of the media at once, further serves to show just who the astroturfers really are.

    Pay attention everyone, they don’t intend to let go of what they think is rightfully theirs.

  6. Billll says:

    BillH is right. Someone recently posted pics of truckloads of professionally printed posters, complete with sticks, loaded into a large truck. That represents some serious money from somewhere.

    Anyone care to bet the financing didn’t come from some community activists with government funding?

  7. Bram says:

    The top photo sure looks like a nice day to take my mass-produced sign to the park. The 1,000 people with me at the Morristown Tea-Party got to enjoy a sleet-storm.

  8. Matt Groom says:

    I’m pretty sure that patriotism is the highest from of patriotism. Bumper sticker slogans are the highest form of partisan stupidity.

  9. Sigivald says:

    The one where the signs aren’t all mass produced by a central (and literally Communist) message-controlling body?

    (This means you, ANSWER.)

  10. Guav says:

    “Tea party protesters seem to revere the symbols and traditions on their country” …. when they’re not busy calling for secession, that is.

    In any case, waving the flag—a symbol—around does not in itself make someone truly patriotic. And I see no reason why superficial displays of patriotism should be expected in order to petition the government—it isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a patriotism contest. I don’t feel like I should have to qualify my dissent by assuring everyone I love my country before I criticize it.

    And to be fair, the only reason you heard “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” at all was as a response to being called un-American, anti-American, traitors and/or unpatriotic for criticizing the government.

    But no conservatives say that anymore. Funny, that.